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About Me

I have been quilting for 14+ years now and have explored many aspects of quilting.  My love of quilting comes from my creative nature, growing up I was always that kid who was drawing, painting or doing some type of craft and creating art with whatever material I could find.

Where do I begin my story?  My very first quilt was a wall hanging.  The pattern was called Country Hearts. It was a set of 6 inch squares with appliqued hearts on each of the squares.  I took my very first lesson for that wall hanging at a place called Piece Makers in Costa Mesa California. The class was great, I finished my project but than life interrupted and I left quilting behind for several years. I was 26 years old and still finding my way in the world.  I soon moved to Massachusetts, found my soul mate and husband and decided on a whim after several years to make a king sized quilt for my bed. After completing this quilt I knew I found my other love. I signed up for lessons in my home town at a local quilt shop and I was hooked.   

Color and texture make me happy. I love fabric with color and designs within the fabric and how they create art and interact with each other. Add in thread, shapes and angles and I’m in my element.  I love walking into a fabric shop and touching the fabric and dreaming up what I would do with the fabric once I get it home.  I love traditional blocks and patterns as well as new and more modern ideas. I love trying new techniques. Ultimately I love creating my own designs and putting my own spin on them. 

If you would like to give, receive or own something handmade feel free to contact me. I would love to create something meaningful for you. If you'd like to shop any of my products please follow the link below.

Leominster Massachusetts


Tel: 508 395-8063

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